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Privacy Policy

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 17, 2023

Note: The Privacy Policy has been updated. Please carefully review the updated privacy policy before using the Website. By using the Website, you consent to the terms of the updated Privacy Policy.


Accountable for the gathering, handling, and utilization of your personal information in line with US data protection laws (including GDPR) is Garage Door Wizard, located at 17302 House Hahl Rd. #208
Cypress, TX 77433
, referred to as the “Company.”

If you desire to contest the overall or specific collection, processing, or utilization of your data according to these data protection regulations, you have the option to voice your objection. Furthermore, you have the ability to store and produce a hard copy of this Privacy Policy whenever necessary.


Our Company (“We,” “Us,” and “Our”) holds a strong commitment to the security of its Users (“Clients,” “Visitors,” “You,” and “Your”) and the safeguarding of their confidential information. The Privacy Policy section provided here offers an overview of the data we require from you and how we ensure its protection against unauthorized use. We encourage our Clients to review the following Privacy Policy section before engaging in cooperation with us.

By proceeding, you acknowledge the details of the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. For further insights into Privacy Policy matters, you can locate our Company’s contact details on the Website and communicate with one of our online experts.

All personal data is gathered and processed in accordance with relevant data protection laws of Texas, the United States of America, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


We are not authorized to collect personal information from individuals under 18 years old. Users below 18 are strictly prohibited from using Our Website and any Services provided by Our Company. If we discover that a User’s information doesn’t meet the age criteria, it will be promptly removed. We hold no liability if you are underage for Website usage. You must meet the legal age requirement to align with our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

If you suspect that one of your children under 18 is attempting to access Our Website, please notify us. We will block access from your IP address and prevent access to all affiliate websites collaborating with Our Company for your child’s safety.


Our Privacy Policy is a vital part of the agreement between you and Our Company, ensuring the comprehensive safeguarding of the data you share with us. You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions by registering. We uphold the security of the personal information in your account, adhering to the guidelines outlined in this section.

By accepting our Privacy Policy, you grant us permission to:

  • Monitor your activities on Our Website.
  • Gather statistics about your preferred services.
  • Utilize your personal information to enhance the safety and effectiveness of Our Website.

Your acceptance of the Privacy Policy provides us with a legal foundation in case any issues arise. We require specific types of information that align with our Website’s Terms and Conditions.


We require accurate geographical information from you to streamline the ordering and payment process for our goods. Enabling your geographic location allows us to offer you more tailored and convenient options, including promotions, additional payment methods, and personalized advertisements, ensuring a more gratifying experience.


Your contact information enables users of our service to reach out to you through email or phone. This information is treated as private and will only be disclosed as part of a pre-paid service for our clients.


Technical information typically encompasses the following details:

  • Name
  • IP address and device name
  • Browser name
  • Session times and dates
  • Order ID
  • Website activities
  • Various technical issues related to JavaScript or other helpful aspects for your benefit.


We maintain the right to retain billing information but do not have full access to your credit card numbers. Our Privacy Policy outlines the type of payment details about our Clients that we can store, including:

  • Billing address
  • IP address
  • Card mask

These are fundamental payment details required for interactions with most online shops and services. Please understand that our Website might collect some of your payment details and technical data, much of which is provided willingly by our Clients.

Additionally, our Website may gather information and statistics related to your use of our payment system and other technical aspects. This information is gathered in an anonymous manner and used for further analysis to improve your experience and offer you more benefits.


We strictly adhere to the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy section when using your personal information. We remain committed to not sharing your data with third-party entities or individuals. Such actions are unlawful, and we are bound by the regulations of the state that align with ethical practices.

Within our Website’s user community, your personal information shared in your account is accessible to other users. However, no alterations can be made by anyone other than you. Our Support Team also has access to your personal information to verify your age and assess your interaction history on our Website.

Your personal information aids us in delivering marketing content and special offers tailored to your preferences. We employ analytical tools and advertising services to partially analyze data for the purpose of enhancing our Customer Service. It is important to note that this process is non-identifying and does not involve personal identification.

Geolocation data is used to facilitate marketing and advertising initiatives by displaying relevant advertisements on our Website that align with your location and preferences.

Your contact information serves solely for communication with our Support Team. We uphold strict confidentiality, ensuring that your contact details are not shared with any parties that might exploit them for marketing or promotional purposes.


We prioritize the security of our User’s personal information and utilize HTTPS/TLS encryption technology. This robust technology ensures the complete safeguarding of your data, preventing any unauthorized access or unauthorized transfers.

For payments and transactions carried out on our Website, an enhanced level of security is maintained through additional encryption and a fortified gateway. It is important to note that any breaches of security resulting from your negligent actions or those of our service providers are beyond our responsibility.


We retain personal data only for the duration required to achieve the purposes for which it was collected. There are instances where legal provisions, such as tax or commercial laws, mandate the retention of personal data. In such cases, we will store the data solely for compliance with these legal requirements. The data will not be subjected to further processing and will be deleted upon the expiration of the applicable legal retention period.


We utilize session cookies to optimize the performance of our website. A session cookie is a small text file sent by servers when you visit a website and temporarily stored on your hard drive. It contains a session ID that assists in grouping various browser requests under a common session. This enables recognition of your computer when you revisit our website, and these cookies are deleted after you close your browser.

We also use persistent cookies, but in a restricted manner. These cookies remain on your device, allowing us to recognize your browser during subsequent visits. They are stored on your hard disk and automatically deleted after a specified period, which ranges from 1 month to 10 years. This enhances our ability to present our services user-friendly, effectively, and securely. We tailor the information on the site to match your interests.

Our legitimate interest in using cookies is to enhance our website’s user-friendliness, effectiveness, and security. Cookies hold the subsequent data and details:

  • Language preferences
  • Geographical information
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Device and operating system details
  • Entered search terms
  • Visits to our website and usage of specific features.

Cookies receive an identification number upon activation, ensuring your personal data is not directly associated. Your name, IP address, or similar information isn’t embedded in cookies. We only receive pseudonymous data through cookies, such as pages visited, products viewed, and offers accessed.

You can configure your browser to notify you before cookies are set, enabling you to decide whether to accept cookies on a case-by-case basis or entirely block them. However, this could potentially restrict the functionality of the website.


We make use of Google Analytics, a service by Google Inc., to analyze website usage. Google Analytics employs “cookies,” which are small text files placed on your computer, to track how users interact with the site. The data created by these cookies regarding website usage is usually sent to and stored on Google’s servers in the United States.

The IP address sent by your browser while using Google Analytics is kept separate from other Google data. While you can adjust your browser settings to decline cookies, please be aware that this might limit your access to the full functionality of the website.

You can also prevent data generated by the cookie, including your IP address and website usage details, from being transmitted to and processed by Google. This can be achieved by downloading and installing the browser plug-in provided by Google.


We retain the right to modify and augment the Privacy Policy section. We are not obligated to provide Users with explicit notifications regarding changes made to the existing Privacy Policy. Consequently, Users are encouraged to independently review this section to gain insight into how their personal information is safeguarded.


In accordance with applicable laws, you hold various rights regarding your personal data. To exercise these rights, kindly send your request via email or post to the address provided in the section at the bottom of this Policy, ensuring clear identification.

Right to Confirmation and Access:

You possess the right to receive confirmation from Us at any time about the processing of 

personal data related to you. If confirmed, you can request free access to information concerning your stored personal data along with a copy of this data.

Right to Rectification:

You retain the right to prompt correction of any inaccuracies in your personal data by Us.

Right to Erasure (“Right to Be Forgotten”):

In line with GDPR and US data protection laws, you can request the immediate deletion of personal data about you. We are obligated to erase personal data without delay if certain conditions apply, including situations where data are no longer necessary for their original purposes or where you withdraw your consent.

Right to Restriction of Processing:

You possess the right to request the limitation of data processing under specific circumstances, such as when you contest data accuracy or the lawfulness of processing.

Right to Data Portability:

You have the right to receive your personal data, provided to us by you, in a structured, machine-readable format. You can also transmit this data to another responsible entity without hindrance as long as the processing is based on consent or a contract.

Right to Object:

You hold the right to object to processing based on compelling grounds arising from your specific situation, including profiling. We will cease processing unless we have legitimate reasons that override your interests, rights, and freedoms.

Right to Object to Direct Marketing:

You can object at any time for personal data processed for direct marketing purposes.

Right to Object to Scientific or Historical Research:

In certain cases, you can object to processing personal data for scientific, historical, or statistical research unless it serves a public interest purpose.

Please note that some of these rights might be subject to exceptions and limitations under applicable laws.


If you have any inquiries or concerns about this Privacy Notice or other privacy-related matters, please click here to contact us. Alternatively, you can reach out to us using the following details:

Garage Door Wizard

17302 House Hahl Rd. #208
Cypress, TX 77433

(832) 373-7681