Garage doors keep our homes secure and ensure smooth entry and exit, making them an essential component of many households. When functioning properly, they add convenience to our daily lives, but a malfunctioning garage door—particularly a non-working garage door keypad—can create significant inconvenience.

Garage door keypads serve as an alternative access point for your garage, eliminating the need for keys or remote controls. They are typically equipped with codes for enhanced security which can be easily updated or modified when necessary. They offer convenience, allowing you to open or close your garage door from outside, even in case you’ve forgotten or misplaced your keys. Having a functional garage door keypad is, therefore, very important—especially in situations where there’s an urgent need to access the garage, or if your primary remote control system fails.

Despite the sophistication of modern garage door keypads, they may sometimes encounter problems due to various reasons, such as power issues, worn-out keys, or a misaligned antenna. These issues can obstruct the keypad’s operation and create difficulties in accessing your garage. However, with a clear understanding of the most common malfunctions, resolving these problems becomes simpler. This guide aims to provide you with practical solutions to troubleshoot and resolve common issues causing your garage door keypad to stop functioning.

Common Reasons for Garage Door Keypad Malfunctions

The functionality of a garage door keypad can be affected by a variety of reasons. While some issues are easily fixed, others might require the expertise of a professional. Here are the most common reasons why your garage door keypad might be malfunctioning.

Dead or Weak Batteries

One of the first checks you should perform when your garage door keypad is not working properly is the condition of the batteries. Like several other home gadgets, garage door keypads are typically powered by batteries. If your batteries are dead or weak, the keypad may not function as expected or might not function at all. Some signs of weak batteries include:

In such cases, replacing the batteries is often the quick fix to restore normal functionality.

Incorrect PIN or Programming

Another common issue is the Personal Identification Number (PIN) or the programming itself. An incorrect PIN or error in the programming can cause your garage door keypad not to respond. 

Even a simple error like entering a wrong digit can cause this issue. If you’re sure of your PIN but it’s still not working, resetting the keypad and reprogramming it can often resolve this problem.

Keypad Interference

Sometimes, external factors could cause your keypad to malfunction. These may include external electrical and radio frequency interference. 

Nearby devices such as home security systems, wireless routers, or even a neighbor’s garage door opener can interfere with the signals from your garage door keypad. If you suspect this to be the case, try turning off these devices and see if your keypad starts working.

Faulty Wiring or Connection

Faulty wiring or poor connection within the keypad can also cause it to be non-responsive. If the wires that connect the keypad to the garage door opener are damaged or loose, the keypad may not work correctly. 

In this case, inspect the wires for any visible damages, and if they appear intact, ensure they’re correctly connected. However, if the problem persists, consider hiring a professional to fix it.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Lastly, your garage door keypad might not work due to adverse weather conditions. Extreme hot or cold temperatures can impact the efficient working of your keypad. The severe frost, for instance, might cause the keypad to freeze, making it hard to push the buttons. 

Conversely, too much heat can affect the internal components of the keypad, causing it to malfunction.

While some of these issues can be easily fixed, others might require a service call from a garage door professional. Establishing a regular maintenance schedule for your garage door keypad can prevent these issues from occurring in the first place.

Troubleshooting Steps

To remedy a faulty garage door keypad, follow these steps systematically. Addressing these common problems can often resolve the issue without professional intervention. 

Step 1: Check the Keypad Batteries

The most straightforward cause of a malfunctioning garage door keypad could be dead or weak batteries. If the keypad doesn’t illuminate or respond when buttons are pressed, or if the keypad’s operation is intermittent, this might be your issue. To resolve:

Step 2: Verify the Entered PIN and Reprogram if Necessary

Another possibility is that the keypad’s programmed PIN has been lost or corrupted. An incorrectly entered PIN can also cause a functioning keypad to deny access. To check this:

Step 3: Address Any Potential Interference Issues

Wireless devices, such as cordless phones, Wi-Fi equipment, or baby monitors in the vicinity of the garage door opener, may interfere with the signal from the keypad. Here is what to do:

Step 4: Inspect and Fix Any Wiring or Connection Problems

Broken wiring or connection issues between your garage door opener and the keypad can result in a non-operational keypad. Follow these steps:

Step 5: Take Necessary Precautions During Extreme Weather Conditions

Lastly, weather conditions can affect the operation of your garage door keypad. In extreme temperatures, the keypad may stop working.

Following these troubleshooting steps can help you resolve many common issues with your garage door keypad–and keep your garage door opener operating smoothly.

Additional Tips for Troubleshooting Garage Door Keypads

In addition to identifying common malfunctions, there are a few more strategies that can be used to troubleshoot garage door keypad issues. Here, these tips will help to ensure that your garage door keypad gets and remains functional and secure.

Using the operator’s manual as a resource

One of the most overlooked resources for troubleshooting a faulty garage door keypad is the operator’s manual that comes with the unit. This manual typically includes:

It is always a good idea to refer to your operator’s manual whenever you encounter issues with your garage door keypad.

Consulting a professional for complex issues

Considerable risks, including personal injury and further damage to the garage door system, might be involved in attempting to repair significant garage door keypad problems. If the troubleshooting tips aren’t resolving the issue, or if you’re uncomfortable conducting these repairs yourself:

Regular maintenance to prevent future malfunctions

Consistent maintenance of your garage door keypad can help prevent future faults and extend its lifespan. Here are some aspects of maintenance you might consider:

By using these additional troubleshooting tips, you can help ensure the smooth operation of your garage door keypad, minimizing failures and potential frustrations down the line.


To wrap things up, your garage door keypad is an essential component of your home security system, so it’s crucial to ensure it’s functioning properly. However, just as is the case with most mechanical and electronic items, garage door keypads can often break down for a variety of reasons.

Let’s quickly recap some common reasons for garage door keypad malfunctions that we’ve discussed:

Importance of troubleshooting guide for quick and effective solutions

This troubleshooting guide is a valuable tool that empowers homeowners to identify and possibly rectify some common issues leading to garage door keypad malfunction. Often, a quick fix can save you a significant amount of money and potentially even a call to a professional.

In conclusion, remember that the longevity of your garage door system heavily depends on proper maintenance. Performing regular checks and intervening early when problems emerge can save you from costly replacements. So, keep this guide on hand, and remember – a well-maintained garage door not only safeguards your home but also promotes efficiency and convenience in your daily life.

If your garage door keypad remains non-functional, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional. The team at Garage Door Wizard, renowned for exceptional garage door repair Cypress, TX, is ready and eager to provide you with the help you need. To contact us, please call (832) 373-7681 at your earliest convenience.

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